There’s more to uni life than what happens inside the classroom. Make the most of your opportunity to get involved in campus culture, connect with others and find support to help you succeed. Université Mercure International provides countless opportunities to meet new people, listen to distinguished lecturers, nourish your talents, experience public art from renowned artists and become involved with the community and various student organizations while living in one of the most exciting cities in the nation. The campus life offers the vibe of a small community set among the urban offerings include restaurants, art exhibits, activity centres, live performances and athletic events which make our university much more than a place to learn — it’s a place to thrive. Our campus offers both a place to learn and a place to have fun. With everything located within walking distance on campus, Students will enjoy the feeling of a small campus community nestled within the bustling urban city.

Study on a beautiful campus in one of Africa’s best cities. Université Mercure International is a friendly multicultural city, bursting with heritage and culture. Discover a wonderful range of attractions, shopping and festivals. It’s a fascinating city with something of interest for all ages.

Meet Our Students

Fred Jackson

Leila Simon

Kristie Brookes
Newt Weasley