Mercure International University or Université Mercure International (UMI) – a private higher education institution in the capital of the Republic of Guinea. Mercure International University became active in 2005. In the capital of Guinea – Conakry, the main building of the university has its well-deserved place. Mercure International University is one of the best universities in Guinea, taking its rightful place among the top 5 educational institutions of the country. Despite being one of the youngest educational institutions, Mercure International University ranks in the national ratings of Guinea.

We are one of the largest, most diverse universities in Guinea – Conakry, with over 90,000 students in West Africa, and a further 30,000 studying across many countries for Mercure International University. The university is internationally recognised at the International Association of Universities (IAU) based in Paris, France and listed at their online World Higher Education Database (WHED). IAU Ref: 019773

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Mercure International University is committed to the training of citizens, of high scientific and technical competence, with democratic principles, with a spirit of leadership, reflective, entrepreneurial, creative, with the capacity to identify and solve problems in any field, as well as with the development of Research and Extension, which positively impacts the transformation of the environment not only national, but international.


Mercure International University in the next five years will be recognized by the national and international academic community, for the quality of its processes, for the positioning of its graduates, its projects and for the positive impact of its programs on the transformation of the national environment and international.


Meet The Instructors

John Aston
Erika Mina
Amy Rose

Adrian Cruz